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Why We Are Different

Generic pharmaceuticals, almost by definition, imply "sameness." Products that are the same as their reference brands in use, efficacy and safety. Products that are the same as other generics in manufacture, price and sometimes even appearance.

But not all generic pharmaceutical companies are the same.

At Harris Pharmaceutical, dermatology is our foundation. This is a specialized niche that we know well. We are committed to developing, manufacturing and promoting FDA-approved prescription products with this singular focus. This includes both products with indications that treat dermatological conditions and products of any therapeutic indication having dermatological delivery systems.

We are a diversified team of healthcare veterans, able to provide our customers and partners firsthand experience in all aspects of the disease state - as clinicians, prescribers, drug developers and business professionals.

Our dermatology prescription products fulfill the needs of patients, physicians and pharmacists - and offer opportunities for substantial savings.