Business Development   |   Partnerships

We are committed to advancing our business through strategic partnerships across the spectrum of drug development, sales and marketing. We are always ready to partner with other companies that share our dedication to bringing quality dermatological products to market.

Our interests and areas of expertise include:

Development of ANDAs or NDAs, including product selection, sourcing and project management from inception through commercialization.
Regulatory, quality and technical expertise to oversee API development or sourcing; CMO selection, management and site transfers; regulatory oversight, composition, submission and ongoing management of ANDA applications.
Funding of, and expertise in, the development and management of bioequivalence studies, including complex clinical endpoint studies.
Licensing, acquisition or co-development of ANDAs or NDAs to promote under the Harris label.
Private Label or Authorized Generic opportunities for immediate commercialization and market share gain.
Specific expertise in sales of product to Federal Government entities and Federal contract bidding.
Development and management of field and telesales teams to promote product sales and contract compliance.